5 comments on “Life’s a Bitch and Then You Die (the Universe, that is)

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  2. What makes the universe so hard to comprehend is that there’s nothing to compare it with. The universe as we know it is a joint product of the observer and the observed.

    • Interesting observation. In fact, it is reported that no matter where one is in the Universe, the rest of the Universe looks like it is expanding at the same speed. It certainly would be cool to speculate about other universes, but I guess we might have to leave that to science fiction writers.

  3. The concept of the one-way journey with birth the beginning and death the end has been frightening from the Neanderthal to today’s “multitasking, mobile phone toting” urbanite. Traditional religion provided relief by the after death life or by reincarnation. However, with religion on a retreat, we now face the task of dealing with the frightening thought.

    Then, I think some of us are comforted by the sweet moments of life and love. We can savor them more fully. Because, as Eluard said “… if we did not love, the world would be a frozen solitude.”

    Emile, your blogs are very stimulating to me. Thanks, Basil

    • I agree that many religions offers some kind of comfort to their believers for coping with mortality. The Universe being perhaps one of a kind, as opposed to part of infinite cycles of expanding and contracting universes, may give some credence to those who believe in a creator. It is natural to think about what came before something. Incidentally, I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that at some point in time there may develop opposing forces that bring on a contraction of the Universe.

      One other point. Readers may notice that at times I capitalize the term “universe” and other times I don’t. I am following the convention one might use to refer to God, meaning the god that most people in our society believe in. Whereas, if one is referring to “a god” among others as opposed to a specific god, one would not use capitalization. Thus, when I refer to “THE Universe,” I capitalize, but if I am referring to “a universe,” I don’t capitalize.

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