4 comments on “Psychology of Alien Abduction: Update

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    • I thank Anita Welsh for providing a link to her post on how she came to believe in alien abductions. My concern is that her “research” shows what we call “confirmation bias.” That means we tend to look for and pay attention to evidence that support our beliefs and ignore evidence that does not confirm our beliefs.

      • I thank you for your comments regarding my beliefs in alien abductions. You felt that my research was based on “confirmation bias” – in actual fact I have been contacted by thousands of people from all over the world since my article was first printed – out of those that contacted me with their own stories I actually dismissed quite a lot as I felt that although they had experienced something, I did not think it was actually alien; I have met with many people, having at my own expense held an evening in a local library for them to discuss what they feel happened to them; I have never actually ignored anyone, just put to the back of my mind my own thoughts. The story that I told was based on actual facts that happened and could not be ignored. I questioned every part of it as it happened to see if it really was connected or just a coincidence. Too much proved that something alien had happened. I can say that I have no recollection of ever being abducted, however an incident which happened to me as a child, could have been something, but as I did not have a true memory, I ignored it. My story was based on an incident affecting my grandchild,at the age of about 2 years of age, and over the last 26 years, his experiences and things that have happened here on earth, that make him wonder what did happen that night. Obviously now a man of 28, his memory of that experience is very much faded. To anyone thinking they have been abducted, seek out others, it may help, it may not. However, you may find relief of some sort, rather than try to put it out of your mind and always wonder. I did not want to just wonder, and did find out what I could, not just for me, but for my family affected by our incident.

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